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Craft autumn leaves from felt

a simple split stitch embellishes felt leaves
a simple split stitch embellishes felt leaves

Felt is soft and furry and fun to work with. I especially like it because it doesn't unravel when you cut it and as someone with little skill on the sewing machine, that makes me happy. Autumn leaves are ultra easy to make from felt; just cut different types of leaves out of a variety of colors of felt. You can make templates by drawing oak, maple and other leaves on plain white paper and cut them out. Pin them to a piece of felt and cut around the template or trace around the leaf template on the back side of the felt with a marking pencil or a Sharpie and then cut inside the outline (so you won't have marks left on your leaf).

Lisa at 5 Orange Potatoes has lots of great ideas of how to use felt leaves. The beautiful leaves pictured here are embellished with an embroidered split stitch, which even I can handle! See her turtorial on how to make a split stitch here.