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A little over 5 years ago Tony Aaron II arrived in Los Angeles stone cold broke. He had no cash, no real place to live and no job. But he was very glad to have finally arrived in L.A. because he did have a dream. Only Tony’s dream was not about becoming a movie star, Tony’s dream was more about perhaps creating a few movie stars. You see what Tony wanted from day one was to build and successfully operate his very own independent production company. Now that is a pretty lofty notion but Tony was driven. Today he has arrived at the gate with his very own independent film production company “Mystery Dinner Productions.” Check it out at his rather impressive website at: In fact “…at the gate” might be a little unfair because Tony Aaron II and his Mystery Dinner Productions already has several projects in the works and done making Tony Aaron II one of the most intriguing young men in Hollywood if not yet one of the most well known.

His latest project is a web series entitled “Crackerjack.” It is a thriller drama with the first round to be six episodes to start in just a couple of months. He has already assembled a quality cast to include Sharon Garner, Dawn Noel and John Michael Herndon. Sharon Gardner has already worked in several TV series including “The Jeselnik Offensive” and “Cost of Capital.” Dawn Noel came to Hollywood from Broadway where she performed in several of the top shows including the truly spectacular “The Lion King.” Now a rapidly rising Hollywood star Dawn has appeared in numerous movies and several TV shows. John Michael Herndon has worked in one of television’s most enduring crime drama series “Criminal Minds.” There are other actors already attached and in some level of negotiations with Tony. But the bottom line here is that the project already has a compelling core of proven talent.

The premise of “Crackerjack” is intriguing and frankly a bit bizarre. Its central theme is about a woman who discovers that she has a unique talent to make “art” out of the victims of a local serial killer. But being bizarre is no bar to creative success. Pretty much anything with the name “Quentin Tarantino” attached to it comes instantly to mind.

As is increasingly common in modern “Hollywood” Tony Aaron II and his team have turned to a crowd funding resource to get those critical last few dollars needed to carry this project across the finish line. He amazingly raised nearly 40% of his goal in the first 48 hours. Not bad. But it is fourth and goal, not quite yet a touchdown, so maybe you would like to join in the effort. At the very least you would certainly enjoy his description of the project and his vision of where it will go. Just visit: In the worst case you will find the page fascinating with intriguing photos and a great detailed description of his unique project and his key team.

The ultimate future for this project in particular and Tony Aaron II in general is, of course, still unknown. But if deep passion and unshakeable commitment matters, and it is in fact absolutely critical, Tony has that. Consequently I think this may well be the very early stages of a brilliant career.

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