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Crackdown on Carry-On's (Video)

Booking a flight to anywhere these days can become expensive even after the ticket is already purchased. With stricter baggage rules and fees many passengers try to avoid the growing cost with the allotted one carry on and personal item bulging to their breaking points with a weeks worth of clothes. However, as you walk through the airport it can be found that those who try to avoid the baggage fees may be taking advantage of a broken system.

This means that they can get through security check points without being required to prove that their carry on will fit in the required measurements posted by the airlines and once at their terminal can easily check their bags for free. It’s a slip of the system, but a free way to get around those pesky checked bag fees.

However, the airlines aren’t turning a blind eye, as United Airlines has put a policy into effect to crackdown on the carry-on baggage rules. This means that if your choice of carry on is suspected not to obey the measurements set in place you will be required to place your bag in the convenient scales to ensure that you meet the requirements. If you do not meet the requirements you will be asked to return to the ticket counter and check your bag for that dreaded baggage fee you had hoped to avoid.

Be courteous to fellow travelers who follow the rules, make the flight easier as traveling can be stressful by checking with your airline to see their carry on requirements. This will avoid the hassle of being required to stand back in line to check a bag and will get you to your destination on time.

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