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‘Crackdown 3’ release date, developer, and box art revealed for Xbox One

Crackdown 3
Photo courtesy of Microsoft, used with permission.

During their E3 2014 conference, Microsoft announced that Crackdown will make a return on the Xbox One. According to a report on Microsoft’s official website from June 9, the Crackdown franchise will make its Xbox One debut with the release of Crackdown 3, an official name has not had been announced. Microsoft has detailed several aspects of the newly announced title, shared the game’s box art, and revealed the developer of the upcoming Xbox One exclusive.

Firstly, Microsoft has explained that Crackdown 3 will make use of the Xbox One’s dedicated servers and the title will have a big emphasis on the multiplayer aspect the title will have to offer. Visually speaking, Crackdown Xbox One will retain the series’ symbolic cel-shaded graphical presentation and upgradeable super-powers.

Microsoft states that this new Crackdown will still have a campaign, but it will also have an entirely new competitive experience made possible because of Xbox One. This new competitive Crackdown experience will have players look at the open-world genre in a completely new way.

The development of Crackdown 3 is being led by the original Crackdown creator Dave Jones, though a specific development studio and other members of the team have not yet been disclosed. Microsoft has confirmed that Crackdown 3 will not release in 2014, but a 2015 release for Crackdown is a possibility.

In addition to announcing these details, Microsoft has shared the potential box art for Crackdown 3 on Xbox One. Find the box art at the top left of this article. You can find the teaser trailer for Crackdown Xbox One here.

For those who aren’t familiar with the series, Crackdown debuted on the Xbox 360 in 2007. The title was well received thanks to its open-world design and addictive gameplay of collecting orbs, battling gangs, and protecting the city of Pacific City from various dangers.

Pre-order Crackdown 3 from Amazon for $59.99 here.

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