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Crackberry ad urges customers to 'trade up to a Samsung Galaxy S5' ad urges customers to upgrade to Samsung ad urges customers to upgrade to Samsung, a website dedicated to BlackBerry platform faithful, is currently featuring a splash advertisement urging their readers to visit BestBuy and "trade up to a Samsung Galaxy S5" by trading in "any working mobile phone" for a gift card.

Ironically, it was just over 2 months ago that CrackBerry was leading the charge against T-Mobile when that carrier rolled out a similar promotion targeting BlackBerry users. That promotional email attempted to coax existing BlackBerry owners on T-Mobile into "upgrading" to an iPhone 5s. BlackBerry devotees were not amused by that marketing mistake and the controversy likely lead to BlackBerry's decision to cut ties with T-Mobile.

The phone maker decided to very publicly sever the carrier's licensing agreement on April 2.

The CrackBerry advertisement loads in full-screen mode when a new visitor attempts to visit the homepage for the first time, and must be dismissed by closing a popup box. In fairness to CrackBerry, the site's advertising sales are handled by an umbrella company that runs multiple a larger network of phone enthusiast communities called Mobile Nations.

In addition to CrackBerry, the network includes sites aimed at Android, iPhone and Windows Phone users.

"Look, over the years, we've seen this work [in] all directions and it still does today," noted Kevin Michaluk, the site's editor. "Heck, in 2013, Android Central was covered in BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 ads for almost 9 months straight. The carriers target all of the sites like this."

Michaluk noted that BlackBerry was free to buy up the ad space for themselves. Still, it's hard not to find the ad and reasoning behind it somewhat amusing when considering how irate the CrackBerry community was at T-Mobile's earlier overtures.

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