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CPSC to recall baby slings

Infantino Front to back carrier

   The Consumer Product Safety Commission  will soon be announcing a mass recall of all baby slings or carriers due to possible suffocation . Baby slings are one of the most registered baby gear products and come in an array of various materials, vibrant colors and design. Slings allow parents to wear their child close to them, while having their hands free. While baby slings and carriers are a popular trend, it is not an ideal place for young infants who do not yet have the muscle coordination to move around on their own. Infants are most at risk for suffocation in a baby sling and could fall out of the slings and have become seriously injured.
The CPSC has reported seven infants have died suffocated in baby slings in the last 11 years and cautions parents to not use slings at all. Suffocation is one of the most common causes of death for infants and the highest mortality rate for suffocation is due to co-sleeping. In 2008, Consumer Reports expressed concerns about the soft fabric slings and the serious injuries it poses mostly when a child fell out of them. Infantino's baby carrier named the SlingRider  was recalled in 2007 for problems with the plastic sliders on the sling's strap.  While parents have been using slings and carriers for over a decade, the most common concern in this recall includes the bag style sling that wraps around the parent's neck and cradles the child in a curved or  position, nestling the baby below mom's chest or near her belly. Many doctors and nurses recommend parents to wait to use the carrier until their infant can hold their head up on their own.
For any concerns or questions, please contact your pediatrician or visit the CPSC website.


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