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CPI calling on neighborhood locals to work on budget

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
Public notice. Citizens continue work on counting the good, and bad, in Mayor Faulconer's 2014-15 budget.

Policy professionals at the Center on Policy Initiatives, after spending months reviewing the Faulconer proposed budget with community members, stays at work on raising citizen participation in the budget work. The regular budget reviewers at the organization are reaching out to San Diegans to encourage them to attend the May public budget hearing at the City COuncil downtown.

Government work projects, and work staffing, need supporters in San Diego nieghborhoods, or, friendly questioners of city policy.

Servivces, the Center says, though being restored at city departments, climb back up to service level goals slow. Citizen reports on neighborhood needs can get more budget money invested in a neighborhood during the recovery times the economy improves.

Neighborhoods neglected in the past years have deeper needs. With a goal of helping the city guarantee every neighborhood gets service, and project, investments, CPI says, "quality of life needs to improve for everyone, not just the people in wealth neighborhoods." And, gives a San Diego neighborhood service profile to the public. Service level cuts, they say, have a larger impact on low and moderate income families.

At the May budget hearing, San DIegans can make a real contribution to planning the spending on city work on backlogged streets and wastewater projects, and other backlogged infrastructure projects, the city needs to use one billion dollars in spending to finish.

This is a Center Line POlicy Alert.