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CPAC 2014 in closing sent in the clowns

Edmund Burke the intellectual founder of modern Conservatism would be rolling in his grave at what was done and said in his name at CPAC 2014. I am still reeling from Congressman Paul Ryan's glib statement that what essentially amounts to child abuse somehow teaches children that they are loved. Anyone who is not outraged by Ryan's belief that humiliating and allowing children to be hungry is teaching love needs their head examined in my book.

It is telling to me that Ryan's little story to back up his despicable beliefs turned out to be a lie. Has lying become a necessary and moral behavior for Conservatives because more and more people would reject their ideas if they told the truth?

I don't hate Republicans themselves as people but I find their belief system disgusting, shallow, and inhumanely selfish and cruel. What does it say about a group of people who feel no shame, guilt or remorse at intentionally causing pain and hardship to other people and in the process destroy peoples lives and families just to reward a group of people whose success is based on buying influence and using that to rig the tax and economic structure to reward only themselves while impoverishing everyone else?

What does it say about their brand of faith that enables them to use it not as a source of strength but as a power that enables them to think of themselves as superior to others and that justifies discriminating against others literally based on a person's color, ethnic origin, religion, or sexual orientation?

Mercifully, yesterday was the end of the festivities and on International Women's Day they served up a feast starring Michelle Bachman, Ann Coulter, and Sarah Palin.

The appetizer of this feast for Liberals to laugh at was Michelle Bachmann telling the cheering crowd that the Tea Party was an intellectual movement. I'm not sure how you stop laughing disrespectfully at that assertion .

Then came Ann Coulter in a panel with the Daily Callers Mickie Kaus singing a one sided duet about Democrats seeking to push for immigration reform just for the votes. This portion of the days political entertainment closed with Coulter opining about the "browning" of America. Of course Ann will be the first to tell you she is not a racist but America is a white Christian nation.

With Bachmann starting off the days festivities it was only fitting that Sarah Palin close out the days festivities with her new and revised version of the Ted Cruz favorite Green Eggs and Ham. I wonder did it begin with from my window I can see Putin eating his green eggs and ham?

Some of this I find amusing and you wonder do those doing the talking really believe this unadulterated garbage or do they really believe this stuff? Unlike what many Conservatives seem to believe, as much as I hate every aspect of what CPAC stands for I would also fight to the death to preserve their freedom to believe these things because that is what an open society and our own Constitution state is the greatest strength of our system of government when it has not been bought and paid for and seeks to drive most of us into extremes of poverty not seen since the 1930's.

I also know many Conservatives would not return the favor because I hear every day Liberals ought to be shot for treason or we should kill them all just like Augusto Pinochet did in the wake of the CIA led coup against Salvador Allende in Chile September 11, 1973.

I also know that as a Liberal, I must always at least, pretend in writing, to respect Conservatives but for thirty years we have been called every disrespectful name in the book and that that is acceptable as well as being subject to threats and bullying just because we dare to think differently.

I just wonder out loud when the main stream media will stop pretending there is anything normal or middle of the road about this belief system? It is no longer two differing views of how the country should be governed in my estimation, Conservative politics has crossed over into the legal definition of insanity and political and economic oppression of most Americans. Am I the only who thinks this?

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