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Cozy Cat

Cozy Cat sent over a scratching post for our perusal and it is solid! It arrives already put together and is angled perfectly for the ultimate kitty-scratchin'-fest-of-a-good-time. It doesn't shed corrugated scrap, unlike the $10.00 model which was originally purchased for our precious feline.

Cozy Cat
Cozy Cat

The post retails for $49.95 and features the following;

  • Overall Size: 12" W x 23" L x 12" H
  • Covering: Soft Plush Carpet
  • Board: Plywood
  • Base size: 12” x 23”
  • Sisal rope because cats love to scratch on sisal.
  • Made without glue or any toxic materials.
  • Comes fully assembled.

This particular scratching post is made in the USA and is available in beige, blue, brown, gray and green. We received the gray and we like the way that it looks. There are other models of scratching posts and poles, as well.

Cozy Cat Furniture has a lot of products and it's nice just to look through them and know that there are others out there who care about their animals. They care enough to shop for beds, condos and houses and they care enough to create sturdy furniture for them.

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