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Coyotes in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is an urban habitat for wildlife and coyotes have made themselves at home in the city.

About the size of a medium dog they have a grey mottled coat with a semi-bush tail held no higher than the top line. They have a narrow muzzle and pricked ears.

They hunt small mammals like rats and squirrels keeping the rodent population in check. They are also scavengers and feast on garbage. They have a diet that is quite varied, which has made them a survivor species. They are most active at night.

Coyotes live under the noses of the city residents but are seldom seen. They den under trees and nearby trails. People unknowingly walk by their dens.

They are prone to canine diseases like rabies and distemper and can transmit these diseases to pets.

Remember that these are wild animals and should be given substantial space if sighted. It is not advisable to leave your pets outside unattended. Keep trash cans tightly lidded. Coyotes are attracted to food and if fed will lose the fear of humans and could become dangerous.

Milwaukeeans share their city with many wild animals and it is advisable to be educated on how to live with them.

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