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Coyote stalked, tortured and killed by hunters and DEC in upstate New York

Coyote looking for refuge from hunter and his dogs
Coyote looking for refuge from hunter and his dogs

A very disturbing situation occurred at a shopping center in Rochester, New York. A wounded coyote sought refuge from a pack of hunting dogs by running into the plaza and huddling up against a building. The poor creature had injuries on his front and back legs indicative of being attacked by the dogs.

A group of onlookers, members of the media and officers from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation all stood around just ogling the injured animal. After a period of blank stares and curiosity, a decision was made to capture the coyote via a catch pole. However, sadly enough the capture was not intended to rescue the coyote and get him the vet care he needed. No, the terrified animal was dragged by the catch pole and loaded back into the truck with the hunter and his dogs and taken back to the woods to be torn to shreds and finished off.

The real atrocity here is the entire incident was witnessed by and under the direct control of the DEC officers in Rochester, New York. They stood by and allowed the arrogant hunter to claim ownership of a wild animal and have it ripped apart by his dogs. Would any of the apathetic onlookers like to suffer or die this way? I think not. We have become so numb and desensitized to the suffering of others. The mob just stood by dumbly while all this took place in front of their very eyes.

What should have happened is; the DEC officers should have called an Animal Control officer to euthanize the coyote humanely if the injuries were life threatening. Or a local wildlife rehabilitation center should have been contacted to take in the injured animal for medical care and rehabilitation.

Not one person had the guts enough to step forward on behalf of the coyote. Not one person spoke up and requested a vet for his injuries, to get him to a safe place. But we see this type of action every single day. We live in an age where our cell phones can be used to take pictures and video. It appears more people are concerned with filming or photographing the event than calling for help. The motive is purely to obtain some type of monetary compensation or 15 minutes of fame on YouTube.

How often do we see internet videos depicting victims being beat up, robbed or attacked? My question is; "Why are you standing around filming and photographing? Why aren't you helping?"

In the case of the coyote, everyone involved should be held accountable. The hunter for ordering his dog to stalk and terrorize the animal, the DEC officers whose job title would lead you to believe they are there for the protection of wildlife, and the group of media and onlookers for standing there doing absolutely nothing.

Fortunately this story has generated a lot of publicity and outcry from caring people around the world who are sickened by the callous, inhumane stance the DEC took on this case.

A representative from Causes who started this particular campaign contacted the New York DEC who confirmed this story to be true and it did happen a while ago. However, they felt they did nothing wrong or illegal and the laws remain the same.

Visit the New York Department of Environmental Conservation website at to find contact information.

Also, contact the Rochester Mayor at :

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - -Mahatma Gandhi


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