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Cowboys Stadium lane closures

Arlington Lane Closures
Arlington Lane Closures

With Super Bowl Sunday just weeks away, the residents of Arlington will begin seeing lane changes around Cowboys Stadium. Yet another inconvenience for those who are paying for a stadium most cannot afford to attend a football game in.

On Monday January 17th, the city will close Cowboys Way and Legends Way. Later this month, lanes will be reduced along Collins Street and Randol Mill Road for a security perimeter for the big game.

Between January 28th and February 8th, Randol Mill, will be reduced to one lane each way, and both northbound and southbound traffic on Collins will be moved to the southbound lanes. On game day, traffic on Collins will only be allowed to travel south according to Arlington Police.

Of course the city and police say these closures will not affect traffic. Mostly to encourage visitors to eat, shop and spend lots of money in Arlington's entertainment district. Anyone who has had to deal with traffic when the Rangers have a game, truly do not believe with more than 100,00 people expected to descend upon Arlington that traffic will not be affected.

Officials have offered alternatives for those who have to live and work in Arlington in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. Motorist who use Collins as their main route to work or home, are encouraged to switch to Center or Mesquite streets to the west. They also add that Division Street would be a good alternate route for those who normally travel on Randol Mill Road.

Good luck and happy travels!


  • T.H. 4 years ago

    Local residents should brace themselves. This situation will turn hectic as the days approach!

  • Anon E mouse 4 years ago

    This is a total crock! I hate this stadiums location.

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