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Cowboys must contain Chris Johnson to beat Titans

Can Roy Williams have his second stellar game in a row against the Titans?
Can Roy Williams have his second stellar game in a row against the Titans?

 The Dallas Cowboys have had the Titans number of late, but they've never seen the likes of a running back as prime as Chris Johnson.

It will be no surprise to see the Cowboys focus on Johnson, and the Cowboys defense has only allowed three running backs to run for more than 100 yards in two seasons. The defense can shut down good runners. 

The Cowboys, 1-2, are coming off a bye after winning their first game of the season against the Houston Texans. A bye week may have come at a good time because the Cowboys had a lot to work on. One stat in the Cowboys' favor is they have won the last five games coming out of the bye week

Johnson, and the Titans, have struggled against the 3-4 defense that the Cowboys will deploy Sunday. 

Marion Barber is expected to get the load of the carries and he needs to have a break out game this season. The Cowboys have struggled to fire up the running game, even with three talented running backs. In the Cowboys win against the Texans, wide out Roy Williams had one of his best game. Can he continue that level of play? No one is expecting him too, but if he can return to the level of play he had four years ago, this only helps quarterback Tony Romo.

Romo certainly has thrown more in these first three games than ever in his career. It's not the recipe for a successful football team and it is part of the reason the Cowboys have tripped into the regular season. 

But mistakes have killed the Cowboys. Dropped passes. Errant throws. Penalties. Fumbles. Missed field goals. The Cowboys have made plenty of mistakes in each of their games, and some have cost them a possible win. Discipline is lacking and head coach Wade Phillips was quickly rumored to be on the hot seat. Phillips and his staff must find a way to reign in these Cowboys and get the starters to play error-free ball, or take them out of the game. 


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Uh, for what it's worth Houston's featured back is leading the league in rushing. Chris Johnson isn't in the top five THIS YEAR. Ergo, it's not quite accurate to suggest Dallas has not faced a very dangerous running back--or "have never seen the likes of a running back as prime as Chris Johnson."

    (By the way, this season Foster is averaging 130+ ypg; Johnson 88. )

  • oznog22 4 years ago

    I wonder when Telcvock is ever going to engage in some analysis. Everyone of his posts seem to be re-written versions of what appeared on a few days earlier.

    The most interesting aspect of this site is tallying the number of writing errors Telvock commits. Some of the errors could be described as 'typos', but many of them are genuine errors. Many of them are the kind of errors one would expect to have fixed proir to graduation from high school. It is shocking to me that Telvock considers himself a 'professional journalist' when his prose is so flawed.

    Just one example from today: "No one is expecting him too". Dan, this should be "to".

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

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