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Cowardly cockroaches send bad news via text

Bad news delivered via text or email
Bad news delivered via text or email
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Email or text, what kind of adult, man or woman, would use this as a means of ending a relationship or sending bad news to someone? As a nation, we are texting more than ever, and like society as a whole, the texts are getting worse and worse. The number of texts adults send and receive each day has doubled in the last year alone. Furthermore, another trend to deliver break-ups or bad news is through Facebook. The soulless jerks who do this leave the person they are electronically messaging, without closure, and wondering, “What just happened?”

Coming from the baby-boomer generation, we may think that is something only teenagers or people in their 20s would do. People of all ages are breaking up or delivering bad news to loved ones this way. The numbers are just as great for men and women in their 50s and 60s as they are for the younger generation. Another disturbing trend among the baby boomers is that 1 in 17 of us, have sent or received a nude or partially nude text.

The kind of people that deliver bad new electronically, can be described in two words, IMMANTURE COWARDS. These cowardly cockroaches need to man up or woman up….to do this to someone is pathetic and cruel. It leaves the person in shock and despair and stunned into paralysis.

If you leave bad news or break up with someone via text or email, they have it in front of them to read and reread and try to make sense of. Yes, a broken heart will go back and look at it many times. It is a form of torture that you leave in the written word for someone who once was very special to you.

Men or women who use this means of breaking bad news show disrespect for you, and they show their inability to maturely discuss difficult topics. Has the world of instant communication made emotions a thing we can avoid? Does it allow the bearer of bad news to be able to be so disconnected, they don’t have to concern themselves with the pain they are inflicting?

Now let me ask, who out there has sent an email or text because we wanted to avoid or were fearful of having a real conversation with the person? We were afraid of their reaction. Are we building a nation of people where being impersonal is the norm?

The worst part about all this great technology we use to communicate with each other, also gives us the ability not to communicate with each other.

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