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Cowardly Chicago Schools CEO Huberman jumps off sinking ship


Flash Report. Ron Huberman announces he is jumping ship before his protector and daddy, Richard Daley, retires as the Peasant King of Chicago. I anticipated this and told you as much a couple of weeks ago. So sayeth the Chicago Sun-Times.

Do you realize that Ronny is making $19,000 a month? Unless you are born wealthy a person is not likely to give up a $230,000 a year job without a reason. That Huberman is a coward who never earned this job, did not deserve it in the first place, and knew it, is not the point here. The point here is that he was in over his head and the only reason those paychecks kept coming in was because his ‘daddy,’ protected his sorry butt from the routine scrutiny and job assessments that ‘real’ school chiefs and principals live through every day.

The bigger point is that Huberman’s run for the hills also exposes the entire nature of the Chicago Public Schools CEO office. It is a sham, it was a sham and now it is a disaster. Actually I should thank Ronny for showing his yellow streak because doing so tells the casual observer that those that preceded him were likely just as inept and useless.

Logically then, those voices, like this column, are vindicated in saying Chicago school reform was phony. There wasn’t any reform. Beginning in 1995, Daley appointed non-educators to the top job. Paul Vallas, an accountant, then Arne Duncan, and I am not sure what he was before Obama’s basketball buddy landed the cushy job, then this flake, Huberman. However what I have reported here is that the alleged ‘accomplishments’ of these three stooges were a myth.

Chicago schools suck, and worse, we even have a homicide epidemic among our goofy school children that was driven by stupid Duncan decisions to close down one bad school infested with one gang’s culture and send those semi-literate children to the bad school across the street that was loaded with another gang’s thugs. And the man that did that is the bloody Secretary of Education for the 130,000 schools in America. Madness!

Somebody stop this. November 2nd is just around the corner; we need officials that give a fat flying fish about us. We pay their salaries.

That Ron Huberman could abandon the job before the school year is over tells us about his character. The schools are in crisis, financially and operationally. CPS has not had an education officer since Barbra Eason-Watkins left last June to run the Michigan City Indiana schools system. This coward, Huberman, who has never taught didn’t even think it was important to fill that position with one of the hundreds of qualified administrators that surround him. Today, anyone who takes that job is a lame duck from day one and doomed to be fired when the new Mayor takes office.

Look, I don’t blame Huberman for taking a job that pays him $5,000 a week; hell, Howard the Duck would have taken it too if Howard could find a fool that would give it to him. That fool is Mayor Daley. Either Daley is foolish to have appointed Vallas, Duncan, and Huberman in the first place or Daley never gave a damn about Chicago school children in the first place. After all, 80% of CPS students are black or Hispanic, not Irish.

So who do I blame? Not Huberman. Not Daley either. I cast harsh and multiple aspersions on the Chicago electorate. That’s right. The idiot voters who pull straight democratic levers to install the likes of Rob Blagojevich, Todd Stoger, and Dan Rostenkowski into office election after election despite the highest sales taxes in the country and potholes in the street that would swallow a Buick.

Huberman is your creation Chicago. Daley was your King. I firmly believe that the American people deserve whatever government they choose. For 40 of the last 55 years you chose the Peasant Kings, Richard J. and Richard M. Now what are you going to do in Next month’s election? I’m out of here.


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