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Cow farts capture Capitol attention

Methane, the molecule, is targeted for capture from cows and punishment for emitters, especially the natural gas industry.
Methane, the molecule, is targeted for capture from cows and punishment for emitters, especially the natural gas industry.
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Methane madness has erupted in the administration. Federal agencies, including the EPA, have been alerted to clamp down on methane emissions, according to a Wall Street Journal account.

It was late last year that methane arose as the new cause célèbre for climate change. It took the nation’s leadership just months to brand the methane molecule for blame and charge the fury of national leadership upon a burgeoning U.S. industry, natural gas.

That’s right, the gaseous part of oil and gas -- the natural-gas industry the nation loves to hate -- is targeted for regulation to strangulation by federal government. So are the bovine creatures that flatulate the most natural form of natural gas. It sure is going to be hard to live without beef and milk when the federal government regulates the methane emissions from ranches and dairy farms. Forget about keeping the house warm.

Methane makes up the most part of natural gas. Methane is a greenhouse gas. Along with CO2 – another greenhouse gas – methane is believed to be a contributor to global warming, or climate change, to use that all-inclusive terminology. But despite rising levels of CO2, the world is not warming in contrast to the unconscious 'consensus' that says it is. So, to blame a molecule for causing something it does not, why would we want to blame another blameless molecule too?

Such is the illogical logic of an administration bent on haywire politics for power plays. Let’s regulate the emitters and tax their gaseous effluents until the cows come home. Okay, that’s a bad metaphor, and I wish I could take it back. But, such bad regulations on the books don’t get taken back either. The punishment of policy remains for people while politicians position big government for gain.

So, say goodbye to milk with your morning cereal. Ask ‘where’s the beef’ between the buns. Look for rising energy bills despite the abundance of cheap energy restricted from production. And pity the poor bovines with methane-capture devices strapped to their backs.

Then ponder how the greatest nation on the planet grew into such a state of warp that we choose leaders who self-efface, self-destruct, deny progress, abandon abundance, and eliminate the exceptional existence the nation once knew.

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