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‘Covert Affairs’ death surprises fans? Midseason finale kills a character

Piper Perabo plays Annie Walker on Covert Affairs
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

The fans of USA Network’s “Covert Affairs” are bracing for a midseason finale character kill. Like all good shows, when fans become complacent or the story seems to end, there needs to be a sudden change to shake up the flow of the story line. According to Entertainment Weekly on Tuesday, the show is going to be experiencing a character’s death and it will impact the midseason finale

The season finale reveals that all the characters on "Covert Affairs" are under suspicion. It makes it even more complicated when Annie Walker (played by Piper Perabo) chooses to help her boss at McQuaid Security with a complicated mission. The site Zap 2 It is reporting that the the viewers closely following the story will realize that Annie needs to follow her gut before making choices that could turn the situation into chaos.

The popular show has recently had a bit of a shakeup as the characters like Annie Walker have gone from working to the CIA to a private contractor. Changing up the chain of command over the series has been interesting, but also less fulfilling for the viewers. It’s important to point out that this conflict idea has also been used this season on USA Network’s show “Suits” and even though that TV show is based in a law firm, the character positioning is identical in the story.

The hope for “Covert Affair” fans is that the character that does get killed might be doing it for a deep cover and return in the future. As the season opened with a deep cover return by the primary character, there is no reason it can’t happen again. Or, if the kill is permanent, then the viewers hope it isn't someone that everyone had become attached to watching.

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