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Covering some points with Glenda Bartel of Five Points

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A look into Five Points
Mistress Belladonna

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Mistress Belladonna

Recently your friendly neighborhood Detroit Paganism Examiner had a chance to make a field trip to 5 Points store and spiritual center in Pinckney, Michigan. Smack in the bosom of the Livingston County Pagan Community, it is an easy to find place for those who week to find. It is true that the store lives up to its offer to be a

"a friendly place to come and relax, shop, talk, ask questions, or sit in the library and read a book from our reference section"

And no one could better embody that shining example of what a shop and shop keeper should be than Glenda Bartel, the proprietor. So relax and set a spell while we have a chat with her. We dug right in with the basics at first.

"How long have you been interested in being a proprietor of spiritual and magical wares?"

"I always knew I was meant to own my own business. What kind wasn't clear to me til approximately 3 years ago, when I found the previous store that was here before 5 Points. When I found them, Moon Magick, it wasn't open on a regular basis. The previous owner was going through her own person struggle, and wasn't able to maintain the store. I, in turn, 1 ½ year ago had an epiphany and asked her if she would be interested in selling it. She was gracious enough to sell it to me! The rest is history!"

"Where did you start?

"I'm not sure what you mean with this question, but I started with Wicca 20 years ago. With this industry, I started in 2012. A friend of mine, and myself, created our own product, such as wands, staffs, spells, lotions, oil infusions, fairy houses etc.. and worked at the pagan festivals. That was a wonderful experience. This also set the knowledge I needed for the store. What people are looking for, what they need, what they want...That kind of stuff."

"What was your biggest challenge getting started?"

"Fear was my biggest challenge, not thinking I could do this."

"How much of yourself is invested into what you sell?"

"I'm in this 100% . Everything I do here at 5 Points, I invest 100% of myself into it."

"What are your favorite products?"

"Hard question really, I love all of it. But if I had to pick out of all of it, I'd have to say the clay creations I make. Why? Because it's me, its my energy, its my idea, it's a part of me I get to share with others."

"How do you fit into your local pagan community?"

"I feel I fit just fine, I'm Wiccan after all!"

"How do you see yourself in the overall pagan and spiritual community?"

"I see myself as an educator, a friend, a daughter, a mother, a spiritual adviser, a shoulder to cry on, someone you can try your new jokes on...anything a person may need from me, if I can be it I will."

"What has been your experiences with the youth in the seeking community?"

"Young people come in sometimes confused, sometimes very well educated, over all, curious. I'm proud to be that person that they can come to, or to my store, and receive proper guidance and get information that people tend to be clouded by."

"What are you seeing and hearing from the elders In what reference to you me by Elders?"

"The older community here? Or my “spiritual' Elders? Either one, they love it here!"

"Do you consider yourself a leader?"

"In a sense yes I do. But I prefer a guide. I don't necessarily lead anyone, I guide them in a direction or to a location for them to find what they are looking for. A leader to me is someone that is in charge of something."

"Do you see yourself as becoming an elder to the spiritual community here in Michigan?"

"I haven't thought of that. I feel if that is my path my guides will put in me in that direction."

"Where do you see your center heading in ten years?"

"I want to be the biggest spiritual store in Michigan. Offering all that I sell, know, and more. I would tell you what my plans are, but its a secret! The sky is the limit right?"

"What is the greatest wish you have for your facility?"

"To help encourage, educate, and supply spiritual communities everywhere!"

"If you could, what would you change about how people perceive clairvoyance?"

"I would encourage people to be more educated, just like anything else, on the art before having an opinion."

"What is the most uplifting moment you recall about your gifts being used for a client?"

"A lady that came into my store when I first opened, she was severely ungrounded, came in for help to do a spell....I encouraged her to NOT do the spell because of the factors behind it. She has been a regular customer ever since, but what make her my most uplifting moment, just not to long ago she came in and said

“I want to thank you for being here, if it wasn't for you and this store I'm not sure where I would be.”.

And gave me hug! That is why I'm here!"

"How would you like to expand your classes in the near future?"

"A bigger space would help with that! A bigger space means I could advertise more for the classes, allowing more people being able to attend. For now, I'm just targeting my area."

"What is your favorite subject to teach?"

"So far, I've only done the Wicca class, I enjoyed it immensely! I've gotten a lot of requests for that class. I've done it 3 times now, and the class head count gets bigger and bigger! My next class on the 21st of this month is the Law of Attraction class."

"What teachings do you most strongly find resonate with you and your path?"

"I'm blessed to have different people coming in, asking a wide variety of questions about a lot of things. I feel strongly about all of it. I want people to be able to come in ask questions and receive proper information. If I don't have the answer, I will find it learn it and give it to you!"

"How would you advise those who are still trying to find themselves?"

"Take your time, the answer you're looking for will come soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy learning and finding different paths."

"Your shop is wonderfully varied. What is your typical customer for on a given day?"

"Stones, everyone loves my stones and crystals!"

"How often do you find that they are also potential students?"

"Everyone is a student, and a Teacher. You never stop learning or educating. So I find everyone has that potential as well as me."

"Okay, freebie question....tell us what you should most like everyone to know about you."

"Thank you."

"I care about you, the person that comes in or I may meet with hope in their eyes, the person that comes in or I may meet with fear in their hearts, a person that comes in or I may meet with intention, I just care about you."

While in the business, many items were purchased by your friendly examiner. And not a single care was given that day to the quality, as it was all satisfactory and charming. As was the store itself.

A trip to Livingston County will take you there. Every day is a different promotion at her shop, and you are sure to find unique items. Classes begin on the 21st. Have questions? Call (810) 588-1078 or get in touch with her by email at

Blessed Be

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