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Cover for “The Infinite Sea” by Rick Yancey revealed

The cover for Rick Yancey's new book "The Infinite Sea" has been released

In an interview with USA Today, author Rick Yancey revealed the cover for his new book The Infinite Sea while also giving fans some insight to what we can expect in the book.

Yancey has stated that the book will pick up a few weeks after Cassie was successful in breaking out her brother Sam as they with Evan, Ben, and Ringer try and fight off the Others in The 5th Wave.

Yancey also mentioned that there would be some new characters while Evan’s fate will be revealed and that it will ‘shock--absolutely shock--the readers’. What could be his fate? Will it somehow betray Cassie and the rest of the humans still alive?

You can read the rest of the article by going here.

The Infinite Sea is set to come out September 16th and can be added to your Goodreads page by going here.

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