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Cover for Marie Lu’s new book “The Young Elites” is released
The cover for Marie Lu's first book in her new series, "The Young Elites" was released

Today the cover for Marie Lu’s new book The Young Elites was released today through USA Today.

The Young Elites follows Adelina Amouteru who is a survivor of the blood plague and becomes casted out by her family. She finds a group called the Young Elites, a group of people who are though to be heroes, but things get weary as politics become involved and the way between the Young Elites and the government begin.

When talking with USA Today about the cover, she stated, “[The story] chronicles a good person’s downfall into becoming a villain, and I think that this cover conveys that beautifully. The ominous clouds, the light vs. dark, the dagger, and the bold title all work well together so well. I’m in love with it.

Lu has also given us a small excerpt from the book through her Twitter page.

It’s a very strong quote and certainly gives us an idea of what the tone of the book is going to be like.

The third book in her Legend series, Champion, had just came out this past November and she is wasting no time jumping right into her next series that she described as “Renaissance-like world” crossing with X-men and the Assassin’s Creed video game.

The Young Elites can be added to your Goodreads shelf by going here and is set to come out October 7th.

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What do you think of the cover?

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