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Cover Band Better than Nickelback?

3 Mile Island
3 Mile Island
3 Mile Island (3MI), a Denver Coverband, has set the tone for local rock music. With their amazing live harmonies, to their on the spot guitar ethic, 3MI have really shown their skills to make it far. However, talent isn't the only thing it takes to make it into the business, you must have a "look," which 3 Mile Island seem to lack. From armpit stains to non matching socks, their sloppy image isn't one to be taken seriously. Unless you somehow begrudgingly hear them live, their messy image will most likely turn you away. Find their Myspace Music page at and help support their fan base and bring rock music back to the scene!


  • Marcy 4 years ago

    I strongly disagree with the look part because for one when you have talent well you have talent period...But they also always look terrific while giging and i for one should know cuz i've been to just about every darn show they ever did and yeah they might be sweating their a** off after rocking out for hours but hey that goes with territory right, what band doesn't!!! If that was the case then AC/DC,Ozzy,ALICE IN CHAINS, GUNS N ROSES, and the list goes on would have never have made it big either because they were all about torn jeans and whatever but their talent is what made them and talent is what made and makes 3MI (THREE MILE ISLAND) opinion, just sayin'....From a dedicated fan who loves you 3MI...