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Coventry Transport Museum

2012 London Olympics torch
2012 London Olympics torch
Anna Carlson

The Coventry Transport Museum is a great place to go with either your family, your partner, or just by yourself. It is the home of the world's largest collection of British road transport and has hundreds of bikes, cars, motorcycles and busses. Entrance into the museum is free for everyone, although patrons are encouraged to purchase a guide.

One of the first, and one of the only non-transport items in the museum, objects you will come across is the torch from the 2012 London Olympics. The torches, because there was more than one made, was built in Coventry. Along with one of the torches, there is a video to show the process of how the torches were made.

Another little known fact about Coventry has to do with the original 'Italian Job' movie. The famous Mini Cooper scene in the large pipe was filmed in Coventry. The exterior scenes were filmed in Italy, but the main integral pipe scene, including when the Mini did the 360 around the inside of the pipe.

The museum also contains a Coventry Blitz Experience which recreates the sights and sounds of the bombings during World War 2. The Blitz Experience is great for kids, and relatively mild for adults. Coventry is also home to the two fastest cars in the world: Thrust2 and the ThrustSSC. Both cars are housed in the museum along with videos explaining and showing the record breaking drives. There is also a simulator of the ThrustSSC for 1.50GBP per person. The simulator ride is fun and great for all ages, although it is difficult to simulate speed in a stationary ride.