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Covenant breaking is serious business.....especially in marriage

When one gave their word, particularly through symbolic gestures, it was serious business.

Could you image the chaos if God changed His mind as we do?

One of the irrefutable and magnificent attributes of God’s character is that He does not change His mind as stipulated repeatedly by Malachi and Hebrews.

There are many believers that can fail to keep their word just for one day or change their mind on whether or not to do something as promised by oath. The Bible declares that every idle word will be taken into account, a scary prospect if one’s indiscretion is not put under the blood of Christ.

Covenant breaking was a huge deal back in Biblical times because a word was all people had. Symbolic gestures were done to seal a contract as a shoe covenant where the parties would exchange a shoe to demonstrate the seriousness of keeping one’s word.

A salt covenant was also done as the two going into agreement would take their personal salt, combine it into one mixing action, and return each half to the one giving the promise. The idea was one could break their word only if each grain of salt was returned to the owner. The impossibility of retrieving one’s own grain of salt signified how serious the contract was.

However the blood covenant was as serious as serious could be. Anyone breaking their word after entering a blood covenant could rightfully be killed by the offended party.

The purpose of the blood covenant takes on new meaning when one inspects how the blood sacrifices were implemented in the Old Testament. Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness. The animal sacrifices were a temporary fix of sin through a strict adherence of ceremonies. Failing to follow a portion of specific instructions brought on deadly consequences.

God entering a blood covenant with Abraham was a shadow of things to come through the eventual blood sacrifice made by Jesus Christ. Anything sealed with blood obligated the person to fulfill all terms of the covenant to the letter or the consequence was death.

The marriage covenant was sealed according to the traditions established as entering into any other contract. It was classified as a blood covenant where the consummation of the marriage through sexual relations between husband and wife broke the hymen of the female and spilled blood on the ceremonial bedding. Some cultures would hang the bedding for public inspection to demonstrate the female was a virgin and the marriage contract was sealed in blood.

In promiscuous societies, many probably do not know what a hymen is.

God never changed His attitude concerning the marriage between a male and female as stipulated in Genesis, He saw the two as one flesh. God saw both of them or God saw neither of them.

It also shows the seriousness of the marriage covenant with God as being an everlasting bond broke only through the death of one of the married parties. One begins to understand why adultery was a punishable act by death. Breaking of a blood covenant violated the very concept of the blood offering.

Marriage may be treated with frivolous action by the people, but God has not changed His definition of marriage or how the marriage concept was implemented.

We may not mean what we say, but God still holds His standard.

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