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Cousins can be a great source for dates

Nobody is quite sure when, or how, Cousin's Day began, but July 24th is officially Cousin's Day.  That means if you have cousins, then it’s your special day too. Take advantage of it.
If you aren't close with your cousins, this Friday July 24th might be the day to make contact and wish them Happy Cousin's Day.  You might also drop some hints about your interest in meeting someone special.  You never can tell, your cousin may know the perfect person for you.
It isn't uncommon for people to meet their perfect match through one of their family members.  Having someone, especially a relative, in common gives you both a trusted reference. It can also allow for an introduction, which some people prefer to making a blind contact.
Unfortunately some people do not have any cousins.  If your are cousin-less, do not despair.  Take the opportunity to invite someone of interest out to lunch at one of our many local Cousin's Sub shops.
What about "kissing cousins" you may ask?  Feel free to give your cousin a kiss on Cousin's Day, but make sure it is the 'happy to see you again my dear cousin' kind of kiss.  Kissing second or third cousins with passion is more accepted than kissing first cousins, but in general if you are considering any kind of intimate relationship with any cousin you may want to seriously consider the repercussions before you take it too far.  Have a sub sandwich instead.

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