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Courtship makes you a keeper

I’m a huge TV buff. And recently I became a fan of the show, “The Tudors,” via Netflix. I adore this time period, which depicts the reign of Henry the VIII. Amidst the sex, treachery, deception, war, and romance, there was one thing that really stuck with me all four seasons of the show. It was courtship.

Men during this time period really understood the art of the chase and weren’t afraid to court a potential wife or mistress in order to profess their intentions. Through love letters, jewelry, clothes, even secret rendezvous’ men of the court, and the king, courted women. They wooed them, pursued them, professed their love, and eventually won their fair maiden over.

When it comes to dating ladies, you can’t forget the art of the courtship. Men want to be the chasers. They want to impress you. They want to charm you. But you have to let them. Anything worth having is worth working for and men will put in the work if you require it of them. I’m not suggesting women be gold diggers by any means; however, let the man be the man and win your heart and your hand.


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