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Courtney Stodden kicks off sexy web series; ‘Courtney Naturally’ on YouTube

Courtney Stodden
Courtney Stodden
Photo by Mike Coppola

Courtney Stodden is looking to make the world a better place and be a YouTube star too. The celebrity who is best known as the “Teen Bride” is creating a new name for herself by putting together a regular web series on YouTube. Offering a look at her life along with some of her silly antics, the reality star gives folks two minutes or so of fun. According to Radar Online on Friday, the new series is called “Courtney Naturally” and is free for fans subscribing to the service on YouTube.

Showing off her fabulous curves and giving people a reason to watch, don’t expect the series to be too serious. The tone of the episodes offer a quick look into Courtney’s playful life while still keeping it clean. In one episode Courtney is wearing a very tight dress and singing after inhaling helium. The silliness that goes on definitely isn't anything seen on TV, but still very amusing.

Promising no filter, there is going to plenty of people talking about Courtney Stodden’s new YouTube web series. Making the best of her situation, she connects with fans on a very personal level and makes them want more details about her life. Her sexy outfits definitely are a visual offering to fans too. The fashion is quite revealing, but still very tasteful.

While some folks have turned to YouTube before making it big, it appears that Courtney Stodden is looking to feed her fans tidbits of information on a regular basis and has decided to make a regular video to share with the viewers.

Will this video channel be something that people subscribe to on YouTube? Like any reality star, Courtney Stodden will find her following and we expect she will do very well sharing her outrageous and funny antics with everyone who stops by to watch her.