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Courtney Ruby Plan To Hire 200 Oakland Police Officers Is A Scam

Courtney Ruby, the current Oakland City Auditor who's running for Mayor of Oakland, has introduced what she calls a new plan to hire 200 new Oakland Police Officers. But wait. Does the plan call for a new tax? Does the plan call for a new piece of legislation? Ah, no, and no. So just what is the new plan? As it looks, it's just going to cause Ruby to think about a political life settlements plan.

Well, the new plan really isn't plan, but a request for you to sign some sort of petition. The idea is to somehow get the City of Oakland's departments, each, to be audited. What is hard to understand is this: Courtney Ruby is the current Oakland City Auditor, as stated. You mean she's had two terms and she can't do this?

Regular readers of the Oakland blog aggregator Zennie62 / Oakland and Zennie62 On YouTube, know this and also know the author is not a fan of Ruby's run for Mayor of Oakland. Now that we have that out of the way, let's look at why this plan is not a plan.

Well, what a good plan to hire more Oakland Police Officers would do, is set up, say, a Mello-Roos District, and around the plan to build a police substation. The property owners within the Mello-Roos District elect to tax themselves at a certain rate, and then that money is collected by Oakland for the police substation - which one can't run without cops, so that's how we get our new police hires.

That's a plan.

What Courtney Ruby presented is a way for you to pay attention to the fact that she's running for Mayor of Oakland. But its backfired, because what it does is ask the question why didn't this happen before? Under her watch. As she is the City Auditor.

Ok, she's not going to be Mayor; maybe it's time to sign up for life settlements.

Stay tuned.

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