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'Courtney Loves Dallas' spoilers: Courtney tells Matt to stop calling

Courtney Kerr
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

"Courtney Loves Dallas" airs new episodes on Thursday nights each week. On Jan. 8, the show went to their Facebook page to share a preview full of spoilers for the new episode that will air tomorrow.

In this clip, Courtney is leaving her date with Matt. She is walking off and he is yelling at her calling her Court trying to get her to stop as she reveals that she is going home. She tells him not to follow, but that doesn't keep him from running down the road after her.

She is in the elevator going home and crying. It is obvious she is really upset about the way that their date went down and she did not get her closure. Then Matt starts calling her cell phone, but of course she doesn't answer right away. She yells out to please stop calling her, but never answers the phone to tell him that she doesn't want to talk.

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