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Courtney Love accused of Cobain murder by own father

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

Courtney Love's father Hank Harrison has renewed controversy over the mysterious death of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain with his recent comments about his own daughter. In an interview with Harrison states that he has "no doubt she was capable" of murdering Cobain, and that he can prove she was involved "to a high degree of certainty."

This isn't the first time Love's father has attracted attention for his incriminating statements toward his own daughter, regarding her involvement in Cobain's death. In 1996, the magazine High Times quoted him as saying:

I'm not trying to put my daughter in jail.. It's just that I found myself caught up in a web of bizarre events that affects my life. It would be very much like your child came home with plans for an atom bomb in his briefcase and you want to know where the [expletive] he got them. My daughter came home with a dead husband and I want to know what the [expletive] happened!

Harrison's recent interview included his announcement that he will be releasing a book on the subject titled Love Kills: The Assassination of Kurt Cobain. Harrison is among a long list if individuals close to Cobain or Love, who have expressed either suspicion or apprehension over the violent and suspicious death. Harrison also cites the recent release of a note allegedly from Kurt to Courtney, as well as photos never before made public by Seattle police, as motivation for his newest round of accusations leveled at his daughter:

Nobody, except me, asked the obvious question: ‘Why weren’t [the pictures] developed 20 years ago?' They weren’t developed because the police had already decided it was a suicide and didn’t need any more evidence.

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