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Courtney Kerr Explodes on Anchor over Michael Sam Ordeal

Courtney Kerr Loses It
Courtney Kerr Loses It

Amy Kushnir's comments on the Michael Sam celebratory kiss is causing quite the ruccus on social media outlets around the country. Today, on D Magazines successful talk show, fashion diva Courtney Kerr and news person Amy Kushnir engaged in an entertaining debate not seen on television usually. Pretty good for a small talk show in Dallas that airs when most are working away. Courtney Kerr is correct; men kissing other men is splattered all over cable TV and movies, so is it really that mind-blowing to America that this actually happens with human beings in other professions?

Many argue Amy was unprofessional for walking away during the debate. Typically, people who walk away from an uncomfortable situation are wrong and don't want the humiliation to continue. Courtney Kerr was on point with her points and clearly had the upper hand when defending the rights of all citizens around the world. Maybe if she felt that passionate about the incident she should have sat there like the professional she claims to be and argued her case like an adult? She claims she wouldn't have wanted to see a man kissing his wife in celebration but there is no way she would have even thought twice about it had that been the case. This was a huge step in history for ESPN and for the LGBT community. For ESPN to broadcast a kiss between two homosexual men is huge! And now we have to deal with the hate and controversy because of small minded individuals that continue to try and stand out and be different. It's 2014 people, it is no longer a thing to bash minorities, especially gay and lesbian people.

Suzie's point is valid in that we live in America and can express our freedom of speech, but to the same point Courtney has every right to question Amy and to defend her own beliefs. The statement made that the only reason people are becoming so heated on this issue is to create publicity was ironic considering that's exactly what was occuring during that 9 minute, akward segment. Also, why shouldn't she be able to question Amy on the subject? Plus, you're allowed to say what you believe in even if the other person is offended. You listen to why it offends them and work it out like an adult. Not one person can control how another human being is going to react, therefore, to argue that not being able to speak your mind if it hurts someone else is ridiculous.

We've had pro athletes accused of murder, rape, and countless other crimes, yet an athlete kissing his partner is so bad to show on ESPN? Lets get it together people. You're in the media and representing a wide array of pop culture, demographics and are basically the marketing for the company you work for. Open up a bit and realize that the world is changing. You may be upset you're not involved with the rumble. Carry on Court!

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