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Courtney Kerr and Dating Advice

Courtney Kerr is a reality star of Bravo's Courtney Loves Dallas. Courtney has relationship advice on first dates and how to handle them.

When asked what to wear on a first date she recommends heels. She recommends heels because you don't want height to be a problem. She also advises girls not to try going on a new trend. You could either show legs or chest. Don't show both. You don't want to give the wrong signal. After all first dates are the ones that could either make or not make a second date.

There are some things that a girl does not want to hear. One of those things is "You don't understand because you don't have kids yet." Avoid the topics of kids and anything too serious. This is supposed to be a first date. First dates are supposed to be causual and see weather or not you hit it off. Later on comes the serious questions when you determine weather or not you want to be in a relationship with this person.

First dates can make you nervous but they could also make you excited. It's all about meeting someone new and finding new things about each other. So if you are going on a first date be safe, don't move too fast good luck and have fun.

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