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Courtney Ann Sanford dead at 32: Why death of Courtney Ann Sanford tops news?

Courtney Ann Sanford is dead at 32 because she posted to Facebook while driving.
Courtney Ann Sanford is dead at 32 because she posted to Facebook while driving.
Facebook/ Courtney Ann Sanford

Courtney Ann Sanford is dead. She was a 32-year-old woman, who could have been your sister, daughter or friend. Courtney was someone who was driving down the highway when she posted a "Happy" message to her Facebook. Minutes later Sanford was dead, according to NewsMax on April 28.

Sanford was updating her account using her cellphone and posted about the song from Pharrell, called "Happy." While doing this, she served, crossed a median and slammed head on into a truck coming the opposite way. In a matter of seconds, Sanford was dead on this High Point, North Carolina highway.

Just how important was letting her Facebook followers know that she liked that "Happy" song? Most would agree this was not worth her life. Along with the "Happy" post, she had posted some selfies during the last few minutes of her life.

Lt. Chris Weisner said that they got the call of the wreck at 8:34 a.m. and Sanford posted her last Facebook post at 8:33 a.m. according to posting timelines. This indicates that she was posting about this "Happy" song at the time she had this accident. Her exact post read:

"The happy song makes me HAPPY."

According to, police confirm that she was distracted posting online, making this a "grim reminder" of how important it is to do nothing else but drive when you are behind the wheel of a car. The truck that Sanford hit was being driven by a 73-year-old truck driver, who escaped this accident without injuries.

You don't know Courtney Ann Sanford, she wasn't on a TV sitcom, she didn't just win an award for a block buster movie and she wasn't about to marry an A-list movie star. Sanford was just an ordinary citizen, like most of the people in this country.

Sanford could be anyone one of the women out there who think they can safely text, post on social networks and talk on the phone while driving. It can happen to you, no one is infallible and as the police pointed out, she was posting online when just a split second later she was dead.

Courtney Ann Sanford is a very important woman to her family and friends, as these are the people who love her and will miss her. She is not just a statistic, but someone who has a mother, father, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. This is a tragic accident that could have happened to anyone who makes the simplest mistake of taking their eyes off the road to dial, text, message, email or post.

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