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Courtland Rogers speaks out following arrest warrant

Jenelle Evans' husband Courtland Rogers in a car.
Jenelle Evans' husband Courtland Rogers in a car.

Jenelle Evans’ husband Courtland Rogers is currently on the run from police following an incident in which he stole jewelry from a friend — and pawned it.

Since the self-admitted heroin addict used his own ID to pawn the merchandise, police were easily able to solve the case and quickly put a warrant out for his arrest.

Unfortunately, Courtland hasn’t yet been caught, but he did surface on Twitter where he released a statement to his followers.

The message, via a Febuary 26 Wetpaint Entertainment report, read, “It isn’t always what it seems …Goodbye Twitter.” But in this case, there isn’t room for error, so it appears that it is what it seems. Otherwise, his ID wouldn’t have been connected to the crime.

Once Courtland is either found or turns himself in, he will likely be facing a good chunk of jail time. Since the three rings he pawned were likely worth more than $1,000, Courtland could receive another felony, and if he does, that will violate his probation and send him to the slammer.

Courtland Rogers had been released from jail just months ago, following an arrest for heroin possession and distribution.

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