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Courtland Rogers slams MTV for not giving him a chance to defend himself

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans' husband Courtland Rogers poses in a car.
'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans' husband Courtland Rogers poses in a car.
Courtland Rogers/Twitter

Courtland Rogers has been painted as the bad guy on "Teen Mom 2."

In the fall of 2012, Courtland began dating Jenelle and three months later, they tied the knot. One month after that, they announced they were expecting a baby. But after losing the baby, their relationship began to fall apart. Just prior to their two-month wedding anniversary, Jenelle left Courtland and went back to her ex-fiance Gary Head, but that didn't last and weeks later, she returned to Courtland.

Unfortunately, by that time, Courtland was reportedly in the height of his addiction to heroin and in April 2013, the couple was arrested together and charged with heroin possession and assault.

Now, as fans begin to see what happened in the months following their arrest, they are being led to believe that Courtland was the villain -- which he is fuming mad about.

“Omfg she’s lying it was the other way around… This is soooooo f**ked up.. It’s so wrong that I can’t defend myself on there #f**kTM2,” Courtland wrote on Twitter, according to a March 12 report by Hollywood Life. “It’s just so wrong that I’m not on there defending myself to the world y’all will NEVER know the truth and that sucks man #F**kTeeNmOm2.”

And he didn't stop there. Courtland also insinuated to Jenelle that he has been communicating with her mother behind her back.

“Your mom hates me?" he asked. "Smh! After u have fed her with all your ‘LIES’ she used to love me! She didn’t act hateful the other day."

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