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Court upholds guilty verdict against Amanda Knox and Raphael Sollecito

On Thursday, Jan. 30 Fox News reported that the appeals court in Florence, Italy upheld the guilty verdict against Amanda Knox and her ex-boyfriend, Raphael Sollecito in the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher. Amanda Knox was sentenced to 28 ½ years in prison.

Amanda Knox found guilty of murder again.
Peter Kramer, NBC/MSN

Lawyers for both Knox and co-defendant Raphael Sollecito have revealed that they will appeal the conviction to Italy’s highest court. This process will take at least another year in the ongoing legal battle.

Knox remained in Seattle where she spent the time awaiting the courts verdict. When she heard they upheld her conviction, Knox stated she was “frightened and saddened” by their decision.

Knox maintains that she is innocent in the murder and her “unjust” conviction was a result of an overzealous prosecution. Knox stated, “Having been found innocent before, I expected better from the Italian justice system.”

Knox and Sollecito were originally found guilty in 2009 for the murder of Knox’s roommate Meredith Kercher. The guilty verdicts were then overturned in 2011 and the couple were freed from prison.

Italy’s supreme court vacated the second decision and sent the case back for a third trial in Florence. After 12 hours of deliberations, the court reinstated the guilty verdicts.

Carlo Dalla Vedova, Knox’s attorney called her to let her know that not only had the court confirmed the guilty verdict but they also increased her sentence from 26 years to 28 and ½ years. Vedova said, “She [Knox] was petrified.”

Sollecito did attend court Thursday morning but left and did not return to hear the verdict. His lawyer, Luca Maori said their defense team was stunned by the conviction and sentence. Maori stated that they would appeal and “There isn’t a shred of proof.”

Judge Alessando Nencini ordered that Sollecito’s passport be revoked. No orders were made concerning Knox and Nencini stated that she was “justifiably abroad.”

Experts have commented on any possible extradition request for Amanda Knox saying it was doubtful that Italy would do anything towards her return to Italy until all appeals and finished and the verdict is final. If that happens, experts predict a lengthy legal battle concerning her extradition would take place.

Lyle Kercher, Meredith Kercher’s brother and her sister were present in the courtroom when the verdict was read. Lyle Kercher said, “It’s hard to feel anything at the moment because we know it will go to a further appeal.”

When asked if he was satisfied with the verdict, Kercher said, “No matter what the verdict was, it never was going to be a case of celebrating anything.”

Dalla Vedova reacted to the guilty verdict saying, “It is not possible to convict a person because it is probably that she is guilty. The penal code does not foresee probability. It foresees certainty.”

Knox’s attorney claims that police officers betrayed Knox with they held her overnight for questioning without legal representation. He claims that they also did not advise her that she was a suspect.

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