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Court reporter wreaks chaos after repeatedly typing 'I hate my job' in trials

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An alcoholic court reporter has disrupted up to 30 criminal cases after repeatedly typing 'I hate my job' instead of documenting trial dialogue.

Manhattan stenographer Daniel Kochanski, who has since been fired, caused chaos when officials reviewed his transcripts and discovered that they were 'gibberish.'

When he wasn't hitting random keys during court proceedings, the disgruntled employee channeled his inner 'Shining' and repeatedly typed 'I hate my job, I hate my job, I hate my job' instead of documenting trial speech.

“It should have been questions and answers — instead it was gibberish,” a source told the New York Post.

Kochanski's actions may have jeopardized up to 30 criminal cases, including the 2010 mortgage fraud trial of Aaron Hand, who was convicted of trying to hire a hit man to take out a witness.

Felons who were convicted during the trials in which Kochanski botched the transcript now have the opportunity to claim that crucial evidence is missing.

“I never had a situation where a single court reporter was responsible for so much damage,” said Claudia Trupp, of the Center for Appellate Litigation, whose office is handling Hand's appeal, along with nine other similar cases.

Kochanski, 43, who had a serious drinking problem, was fired for misconduct in 2012.

The Manhattan DA's office reportedly hauled him in and forced him to try to make sense of his ramblings - an effort that proved futile.

Judges are now holding 'reconstruction hearings' in which the parties involved in a case are required to testify about what they can remember.

Kochanski's estranged father told The Post that his son became an alcoholic about five years ago, costing him his job and his marriage.

Despite evidence to the contrary, Kochanski denies that he ever botched his transcripts.

“I never typed gibberish. I always did my job 100 percent," he told The Post.

"I was let go because of substance abuse."

Kochanski maintains that he is now sober after spending some time in rehab.