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Court of Appeals of California Fourth District decision part 2

Continuing the comments on Jesus Contreras appeals case, we look at more in the court document.

Under the "facts" section of the appeals court documenti the phrase "severe mental disorder within the meaning of penal Code section 2970" appears.

This author had never taken the time previously to peruse the 2960 ff section of the penal codes of the Sate of Caslifornia.  What a revelation to someone who has known that the psychs were the true criminals of this planet.

This section of law read with the knowledge of what the psychs say and do reveals that only a psych could have written this section of Codes.  And only a person or persons who were throughly indoctrinated with the false data of the mental health industry would have voted for this section to become law.

The premise of the 2960 ff sections of the Penal Codes of California are predicated upon a belief that the term "mental disorder" is proveable as a disorder.  Nothing could be further from true. 

As has been written in earlier articles on the subject in this column, there is no proveable thing such as a "mental disorder".  Mental problems, upsets, etc., are proveable if only by behavior changes.  "Disorder" is defined as an ailment which has as a synonym, disease.  Disease and ailment both appy to a physical malady that is proveable by a physical test.

What physical test exists to prove a "chemical imbalance" or mental disorder actually exists?  None.

What caused Jesus Contreras to become a ward of the State?


  • Marty Meshugena 5 years ago

    You may want to explore how California's Health & Welfare Code contradicts the 4th Amendment. Under the 4th Amendment, the government can detain you only if it has reasonable cause. Under the H & W, you can be detained if a cop who is trained to issue parking tickets thinks that you have a mental disorder and is dangerous. So much for liberty.

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