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Court of Appeals of California Fourth District decision part 1

The Fourth District Court of Appeals of California filed a decision in the case of Jesus Contreras, appellant, on May 10th this year.  Mr. Contreras was appealing a trial court ruling that he had a mental illness and was labeled  as a mentally disordered offender.

The fact of the case is that he originally pled guilty to assault with a deadly weapon on two counts.  He was sentenced to four years in prison.

Now all of that is factual and makes some sense as relates to a crime being committed and justice possibly being served.  He served his prison time. 

So, Contreras pled guilty and was sentenced to prison, served his time, end of story.  But it wasn't.

THEN, after he had served his sentence "the trial court found" he had a mental illness.

What is not made clear here is what precipitated this action by the court and who was behind it and why?

As already stated in the past, mental illness does not exist except in the mind of a mental health professional and those who have 'bought' the false idea that this label is correct.

Secondly, who is the "State"?  As referred to in this context it is psychiatrists who are paid by 'thee and me', the true people of the State who should be making these decisions and putting the true charlatans behind bars.

False allegations are punishable by prison terms.  Let's put the true criminals in prison, these perpetrators of these criminal unjust actions on our people of this State - none other than the psychs.


More about this case to follow.


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