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Court documents released revealing more on the disappearance of 7 week old baby

The child has been missing without a trace for more than a week.
Chanel 5 News

Action News 5 released reports concerning documents that surfaced earlier today about the investigators findings in the case of missing 7 week old baby, Aniston Walker. The documents were filed by Shelby County General Sessions Court.

Homicide detectives have searched the home and car of the baby's mother, Andrea Walker. Homicide has 2 warrants on file.

Though no trace of baby Aniston has been found, Andrea Walker admits to having left the child home alone with her 3 year old son. She claimed that the 7 week old was "gone" when she got home. However, there were no traces of a breaking and no evidence that the other two key holders had anything to do with the infants disappearance.

The home located at 5604 Falling Bark Drive was searched thoroughly by homicide detectives. They quoted that "deceptive and vague answers regarding her missing 7 week year [sic] old girl. This warrant is needed to discover evidence that will confirm or refute this being a homicide."

The affidavit notes that officers are looking specifically for "human remains, DNA evidence, trace evidence, blood evidence, to include blood spatter, and bloody clothing, blunt objects, cutting objects, and instruments of strangulation."

The items that were removed from the home were a pacifier, a baby blanket,assorted papers, receipts and a baby jumper.

The car was searched for, in quote by detectives in court files, "documents, infant clothing, infant toys, blood and bodily fluids, tire impressions, electronic devices such as computers, cellular phones, tablets and trace evidence."

Items removed from the car are reported as being, "one red #95 Lightning McQueen backpack, 5 diapers, a bag of plastic gloves, a bottle of Off repellent, tissue, two used tubes of rash cream, a tube of Carmex, a bottle of baby oil, two toys, and a small first aid kit."

There was no explanation as to why these item in particular were of any interest.

Andrea Walker is scheduled back in court on Tuesday, and she is still incarcerated on child abuse charges with a $500,000 bond.

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