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Court date for couple who left 7 kids shivering in frigid van, 2 kids zip-tied

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A couple from Monroeville, Ind., Marian Clark, 40, and Robert Boyko, 42, were in a Fort Wayne courtroom on March 3 to face preliminary charges of seven felony counts of child neglect resulting from an incident last month when police discovered their seven children shivering in a van in a snow covered parking lot outside of a Fort Wayne motel.

The children ranged in ages from two-weeks-old to 14-years-old. Two of the kids were found zip-tied to car seats inside the unheated vehicle, according to The Indiana News Center.

During Jan., the couple was renting a room at the Hallmark Inn when they received a visit from Child Protection Services.

When officials went to their room to begin their investigation, according to The News-Sentinel, Clark and Boyko moved the kids from their rented room to the van outside. But due to the frigid temperatures, and because the children weren't even dressed for the cold, police that later came across the children relocated them from the van to a vacant room inside the motel.

When authorities first visited that room that Clark and Boyko rented, they found deplorable conditions and witnessed one of the boys zip-tied to a chair in the room.

Police also witnessed the other children eating non-refrigerated old bologna and chicken wings off the carpeted floor, which smelled of cat urine."

As the investigation progressed, the parents began loading the children into the van.

All the children were inside the unheated van and improperly dressed for the frigid temperatures when officers arrived …

Reportedly, some of the children were placed into that frigid van without shoes, socks or coats.

21Alive reported that the two-week old girl, who was wearing only a “onesie, “ was rushed to the hospital suffering from jaundice and hypothermia, and was placed in the pediatric intensive care unit.

Preliminary court documents revealed that “all the children’s clothes were soiled and that they were visibly dirty and hungry.” The kids shared the rented motel room with their parents, two cats, and one dog.

Animal Control was called to the scene to assist with taking custody of the animals.

In Jan., a judge issued a no contact order against the parents. All seven children were placed in the custody of the Department of Child Services.

21Alive shared some very disturbing news regarding two other children that died under Clark and Boyko’s watch.

“A 6-year old girl with myriad health problems died in 2008, and a week-old boy with sepsis due to a staph infection died in 2012.”

Both children’s deaths were determined to be the result of natural causes.

Clark and Boyko were both assigned trial dates on July 15 to face their felony child neglect charges.

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