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Courage to speak from your heart

WE ARE IN SERVICE WHEN WE SHARE: Many of us have been or are afraid of telling our truth. It goes beyond just writing an authentic FB post. Many of us are afraid of upsetting the applecart by sharing our true feelings about a situation. So many feel that telling or sharing unpleasant thoughts, experiences or feeling about something or someone will result in “hurting” people.

The fact is when you DON’T tell them the truth…you are hurting yourself AND them.

For example, I knew a client that used to break off or never speak to friends again rather than share with them that she felt taken advantage of. After we started working together and a friend from the past demanded WHY? I supported her in sharing her real feelings. Her ex-friend apologized, cried and shared her own feelings. Today, they are a great support system and have a stronger friendship than ever before! They understand each other!

Once upon a time, when i had a day job I noticed my new boss seemed annoyed. I finally walked into her office and asked her if there was anything in the way I was supporting her that was not really up to her standards. She exhaled and said, ” You are doing this the way the old boss wanted it and I wanted it this way.” I changed it her preferred way and she loved me thereafter.

Now, I am a mind -reader but come on.

Why are we fuming or getting annoyed with people if they are doing or saying things that rub us the wrong way? What right do we have IF we haven’t had the courage to step up and share?

The fact is that we all have different definitions of how things should be, how they should be done and how people should live. One person’s clean house is another’s nightmare. One person’s most hated job is another’s dream situation. IF we are all coming from a different place mentally, emotional, physically what make sue think we don’t need to say something?

Now this is not the easiest thing for my either! As an older sister and keeper of the peace, I know how to allow the energy to flow and allow allow. Yet there are times where I would do a great disservice if I don’t SPEAK MY HEART and MIND.

IF you don’t speak;
you can lose friendships, have fake relationships, not get what you want,
not have the sex life you desire and let your career or business fall apart due to lack of communication and understanding.

IF you don’t speak you will eventually lose touch with what you really want and how to gather support to get it. SO practicing sharing and asking is a way to fine-tune those abilities. You cal so can’t give people true communication if you don’t understand them, share and allow others to share!

It’s not easy, this Earth school but we are here to LEARN and that can be uncomfortable.


Making the way for true exchange.
Temporary discomfort for long-term success.

That’s what I’m talking about!


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