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This is the last photograph taken of Betty Shabazz, Coretta Scott King and Myrlie Evers-Williams together. Van Evers, the son of Medgar and Myrlie Evers, took the picture.
Betty Shabazz, Coretta Scott King and Myrlie Evers - Williams

When my children were a little younger, I would drive them and their cousins to school. Of course they were capable of walking especially in their late adolescent years. One day on the way to school, we came upon a group of young men standing in front of the store. In the heat of an argument a fight was ensuing. I, being a petite woman, was pretty sure that there was nothing that I could do about it. I am not even sure that I had a cell phone at that time. Not to mention, I had been entrusted not only with my children’s care but also the care of my nieces and nephew. It seemed in that spare of the moment that the safest thing to do was….well, I drove the van onto the sidewalk in front of the store, honked the horn continuously and I shouted in my sternest voice to cut it out. Well, it must have startled them because they did stop what they were dong even if it was long enough to tell me to mind my own business. I backed off of the sidewalk, as the children hid from embarrassment and I continued to drive them to school. For that moment I had been courageous. It was a momentary lapse of judgment or perhaps non-judgment. Courage is when you are too afraid to do something but you do it in spite of or even though you are afraid.

In celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Jr., black history month and in the recent loss of one of the original "Greensboro Four"; I have thought about all that it takes to be brave. I am so thankful for all that they endured to ensure our freedom today. I question how or if I could endure so much had I lived during that time. Most of all, I question if I would have the courage to fight for freedom. I hope and pray that I would have been courageous but I am sure that I would have been afraid. There is nothing wrong with being afraid. Fear is a common sense response – an automatic response. I think that Martin Luther King Jr. was afraid and the "Greensboro Four" were afraid. We all have been afraid at different times in our life. Only when we are confronted with what is right or wrong, do we realize what we will or will not do when that moment comes.

Our biggest inspiration is Jesus Christ, who knew what was right but still he prayed to God to strengthen him and He did. Perhaps, it is through God’s favor that they had the courage to endure. How else would the words,” be not afraid”, mean anything at all if not for the ability of God to strengthen us in times of trouble. Therefore, in the process of continuing the courageous efforts toward freedom, it is through God’s grace that we all should endure - man or woman - boy or girl; of every race, creed and color. We can fight the good fight for freedom with courage despite being afraid.



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