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Coupons can be bad for your health

There are people out there who can get into the line of a grocery store with over a couple hundred dollars worth of groceries and walk away paying almost nothing and still make it to the car without security officers pummeling them in the parking lot. That is because those bargain shoppers get what they need by being at the right place at the right time.


"The study found that coupons offered by grocery stores often chop the costs of calorie-laden foods such as crackers, chips, desserts and sugary drinks. Relatively few markets discount lean meats, low-fat dairy products or fresh fruits and vegetables, the researchers said."- Everyday Health

Taking a look at the percentages of sugary foods and Little Debbie cream filled oatmeal cookies discounted, there is a small fraction of the good stuff that receive equal discount.

"In contrast, only 3 percent of coupons lowered the costs of fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables, while 4 percent decreased the price of milk, eggs or yogurt. Only 1 percent trimmed the price of unprocessed meats." -Everyday Health

While this very well adds strain to the relationship between you and your local grocery bagger, Nestle tells it like it is.

"Nestle said consumers need to remember that stores use coupons to lure customers. She said they're mostly offered for processed foods because those are the most profitable items stores sell, and they make deals with the manufacturers to promote their products."-Everyday Health

Body +4 Grab the Sunday paper during the weekend and start clipping. Go shopping and tell us how many things in your coupon pile came out to be things that you use a regular basis

Mind +2 tell of your own experiences in the comment area below and describe how you go about saving a buck or two on your grocery list

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