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Coupons and why they save you money!

Safeways Coupons
Safeways Coupons

How many of you grew up in a household where your mom or your dad would cut coupons every week?  Most of you have seen this even if you didn’t grow up with it.  You may have also seen the many types of coupon organizers, even just walking up and down the isles in your grocery store while shopping.  Maybe you’ve seen the coupon alphabetizer—the one with the little wallet actually made for coupons, and the coupons placed strategically in the wallet based on name and rank of importance.  Then there’s the flyer holder—carries the entire flyer around and just uses it in it’s entirety at the register.  There’s the coupon pile person—the person with the pile of coupons, not organized, drops coupons all over the place while looking for the one they need.

No matter who you’ve seen while shopping, or which one you are, they save you money when you’re shopping.  Imagine this, you have $50.00 worth of groceries, and you have $0.50 off coupons for the majority of your items.  That means that your total will be roughly only $25.00. In that context, it makes sense right?

Yesterday, I was watching that show, “The Doctors”, and they featured a woman called Coupon Mom.  She was a money saving queen when it came to using coupons in the stores.  In watching this show, it was a wonder that I haven’t heard about her yet.  The great thing that she was saying, is shop based on what you can afford and where they’re having the best deals.  Remember my previous article on tips for where to shop to save the most.  Check out the websites on who’s having the best deals that day or week that you’re planning on shopping, and shop there to save the most money.

Also, check out coupons that you can print online.  You can usually do a search for coupons, and your search engine will pull up a ton of websites that have what you need.  Look around, do some homework before going to the grocery store, and you’ll save yet again!

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