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Coupon Code World brings you their book Extreme Savings

Learn money saving tips with coupons and more!
Cover provided by the author

New to the couponing scene? The savvy savers at have gotten together to create a book about extreme couponing and other helpful savings. They teach you the basics of a couponing class: how to clip coupons and then walk out of the store with free items. And then they go on from there.

Learn how to save money on gas, college, utilities. Find out how to get free food at the grocery store and restaurants and free vacations. Educate yourself on reading hospital bills. Eliminate your debts and find discounts on everything.

Readers have been mixed on their reviews. For those who are only looking for couponing information, you may be pleasantly surprised to have extra information at your fingertips. Or, you may be disappointed that it didn't go into more detail. Those who are already coupon savvy may feel disappointed with the lack of new information that they don't already know. Some may be clamoring for more information about savings, beyond just couponing. This definitely seems to be a book for the beginner.

You can get even more information from their website at, visit their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter.

Purchase your own copy of the book on Amazon.

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