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'Couples Therapy' Farrah Abraham's Ex Daniel Alvarez to appear

An ex-boyfriend, Daniel Alvarez, is going to join Farrah on "Couple's Therapy."
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In the last season of "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham had a boyfriend named Daniel Alvarez that, as you can imagine, things didn't end well. On Jan. 3 Wetpaint shares that Daniel will be appearing on "Couples Therapy" since Farrah's current "boyfriend" stood her up.

When Daniel and Farrah split ways, Farrah took Daniel on a paddle boat ride from hell where she forced him to try and commit to marrying her, and made him buy a ring while she was in Texas meeting his family for the first time. Farrah was rude to Daniel's parents and friends and wanted far more of his attention than he could give while on a home visit from Florida to Texas.

Dr. Jenn Berman says that the reason Daniel was invited is because sometimes ex-partners can give insight into the person she's working with. The preview of next week's episode that features Daniel in the house doesn't have many nice things to be said about Farrah. The real question that comes into play is whether Farrah will go on the defensive or will she actually close her mouth long enough to learn something about herself and perhaps improve her life some.

After being asked, Daniel says that he will never consider dating Farrah again, the thought never crossed his mind.

Are you interested in seeing what Daniel has to say about Farrah to a therapist? Do you think that Farrah will listen to what Dr. Jenn and Daniel have to say?

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