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Couples Retreat: Only a couple laughs


It’s not hard to follow the plot of Couples Retreat. The new film written by Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau.

 The audience is given a promising design about four couples embarking on what they think is a tropical vacation. Unbeknownst to three of the couples, the vacation package requires mandatory counseling and therapy.

It sounds like a recipe for rom-com success. The problem is, there is almost no romantic substance. The comedic routine is lackluster at best. From the looks of the trailer, movie goers are promised a riotous comedy and possibly some lessons on reviving relationships. Instead they are left with the bitter mixture of toothpaste and orange juice in their mouths. This movie has been made time and time again. The actors are different and the setting has changed from other films; But the audience can easily recognize the stereotypical characters and plot.

To be fair, the movie is mildly entertaining with it‘s few jokes and happy ending. But the American film viewer is looking for something fresh, multi-layered, and touching. In these changing times the film industry has limitless opportunity. There are boundless stories to be told. The rushed resolutions and the slapstick comedy this movie possesses has grown a little too stagnant.

Maybe this time you might just wait for the DVD.