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'Couples retreat' is best date movie in theaters - why your date will love you


Looking to ask her out for a first date or maybe this is date number 41 with him? Either way, Vince Vaughn's newest flick "Couples Retreat" is a sure treat for the comedy buff in you.

Sure, article after article is written that says a movie on a first date is not a good idea and that movies should be considered more a past time than an actual event - heck, I'm one of those writers who write those articles. Let me go on record again saying that the reason a movie is not a great idea is the lack of conversation brought about by staring at a screen for two hours. However, "Couples Retreat" offers you an opportunity to explore your date's facial expressions, body language and occasional quick comment. Nothing like injecting lots of humor to flush out what a person really feels.

And after the movie is over, and you have collected all your mental data, the conversation is sure to continue into some real eye-opening dialog.

Here is a little cheat sheet on what you can look out for during the movie and what you can talk about after:

  1. Are you a bulldozer or are they? Do you just gloss over what is said to you in order to get your point/opinion across while not fully hearing the other person?
  2. How important is your ex in your current life? Do you have a distinctive ring tone for your ex and why? Are you really on this date because you have moved on or because it is what is expected?
  3. What is your desired lifestyle? How much of your desired lifestyle is your current lifestyle?
  4. How anal are you? How flexible are you in your anal activity?

Record your date's responses in your memory file both to the questions above and to any facial/body/verbal responses you see during the movie. Most of the time a person is the most honest when their guard is down and their responses are unrehearsed. Don't be afraid to ask questions so you won't waste time later with someone who will not honor your colored socks rule.  Don't forget you are meeting the person's representative for the first few months in a relationship anyway so these little glimpses into how a person really feels should be treasured.

Hey, what you like is what you like. What one finds silly, another finds heaven.

"Couples Retreat" is a great example of relationships and their complexities while making you laugh until you hack up a lung. What's your take on the movie?

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