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Couples cooking classes: Culinary date nights are the new romantic night out


The experience of learning to cook can be more romantic than you think, and whether you’re an inexperienced cook or an aspiring chef, a ‘culinary date night’ can make for an outing that you and your partner won’t soon forget.

As couples search for exciting and unique ideas for an entertaining night out, many are heading to local cooking schools to brush up on their cooking skills and to learn some new culinary tricks.

Nearly everywhere you turn, cooking classes specifically tailored for couples are popping up all over the city. From ‘cooking light and healthy’ workshops offered at the Seasoned Chef and your local Whole Foods Market, to private cooking classes at Mise en place, recreational cooking schools throughout the Metro Denver area have become the new popular hangout for couples who are ‘in love’ and who are ‘in love with cooking.’

Today’s modern cooking classes have changed considerably from what we’ve been offered in the past as they have become truly exceptional culinary experiences with instructional courses offered by internationally acclaimed award winning chefs and sommeliers. From wine tastings and small plate menus, to wine pairing multi-course dinners–there’s a class for virtually everyone and for nearly every level of expertise.

For the couple who desires the intimacy of a relaxing evening learning to cook in the privacy of their own home, Clandestine Chef Experience offers something unique–private instructions at your own home. Unlike traditional cooking schools, Clandestine chefs bring their culinary skills and talents right to their client’s own kitchen by tailoring a unique culinary and wine experience for each individual couple.

The idea of ‘couples cooking classes’ has become so popular that even Denver’s acclaimed Cook Street School of Fine Cooking offers a monthly 'Culinary Date Night' where couples who are passionate about cooking join together to prepare a romantic menu of delectable foods ranging from grilled oysters, scallops wrapped in prosciutto, duck breast with ginger glaze and grilled steak with mojo sauce. Of course a romantic dinner wouldn’t be complete without the perfect dessert as these lucky students end the night making chocolate fondue, pine nut crepes with caramel sauce or tulip cookies with mango sorbet.

Make your next date night not only a one of a kind epicurean experience but a culinary adventure by spending the evening feeding your passion for cooking while socializing with some of Denver’s finest chefs. Be sure to check the class schedules for the above mentioned local cooking schools as menus change monthly and popular classes tend to fill up quickly. Visit their websites for more information and to make a reservation to experience some of these truly unique classes.


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