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Couple without cash asks Denny’s patrons to pay for meal

Local couple is arrested after failing to pay for their meal and stealing utensils.
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Imagine heading to a local restaurant to enjoy a meal and being ordered to pay for someone else’s dinner. Police say that’s what Lisa Marie Antonucci, 41 and Leonard Patrick Baker, 43 did after they “devoured” their entrees at a Denny’s restaurant in Lake Worth on Hypoluxo Road on Monday.

The couple ordered meals totaling $34.08, but only had $8 on them. When confronted by management, the couple threatened Denny’s staff and customers, and then had the gall to ask patrons to help pay for their meal.

Police arrived and located the couple in the parking lot. They arrested Baker for theft after finding Denny’s utensils in his pocket. Antonucci was charged with theft and disorderly conduct.

Source: Sun Sentinel “Couple with only $8 racks up Denny’s bill, asks other customers to pay, say police” by Brett Clarkson


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